MorsaPack introduces new range of pallet wrap machinery

MorsaPack’s new ranges of standard, premium and portable pallet wrap machinery are now available to buy or rent.

Our new ranges offer options to suit all packaging volumes, operating environments, and load types – from compact M Range machines for low volume usage, to fully customisable S Range machines for varied load sizes or high-volume needs, and our portable, powerful R Range machines

The new machines are all compatible with MorsaPack’s wide range of pallet wrap films, helping to optimise the stretch capacity and containment forces of films to ensure load stability and product security. 

The new ranges comprise:

S Range – our premium machines

S Range machines are flexible, customisable and intuitive. They are ideal for medium to high volume usage and/or for varied or awkward shaped loads.

Available in a range of heights, widths and lengths, there is an S Range for every workspace and load requirement. These premium machines utilise an open turntable and automatic pallet height detectors, with options to add weighing units, power pre-stretch carriages, remote control usage, and more.

M Range – our standard machines

M Range machines are compact, cost-effective and user-friendly. They are ideal for regular or standard shaped loads or low volume usage.

These machines deploy six standard operating cycles, including one customisable cycle. Utilising an open turntable and intuitive pallet height sensor as standard, M Range machines are also available with optional power pre-stretch carriage.

R Range – our portable machines

R Range machines are portable, powerful and versatile. They are ideal for oversized loads or use across multiple locations in a warehouse and can handle high volume requirements in a single charge.

These machines can apply wrap to any pallet size, offering three ways of working (manual, semi-automatic and fixed height) and utilising an intuitive pallet height sensor. R Range machines can store up to 20 wrap programmes to increase efficiency and are also available with optional power pre-stretch carriage.

Our new machines are now available to buy or rent, with installation and operator training included as standard along with packages for ongoing support for maintenance or repairs.

Why use pallet wrap machinery?

Using machinery to palletise products offers a more precise and consistent way to apply pallet wrap. For businesses needing to wrap and secure loads regularly through their working day or week, they support more efficient and effective packaging operations.

How do I find the right pallet wrapper?

Choosing the right pallet wrapping machine for your packaging operations will depend on the volume, types, sizes and shapes of products being palletised. We can review your products, your volumes and your facilities to advise on the best equipment. Or read our guidance here.

Chat to our team today for guidance on finding the right equipment for your needs and optimising your packaging processes.

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