MorsaPack’s environmental issue response

Interviewer: Hello, I’m Lucia France and I’m here with Robert McEwan, Managing Director of MorsaPack.  Now of course the environment is a massive hot topic at the moment and packaging’s effect on the environment is a big part of that.  So Robert can you tell us what your beliefs are in relation to packaging’s effect…

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Explore MorsaPack with Robert McEwan

Interviewer: Hello, I’m Lucia France and I’m here with Robert McEwan who is the Managing Director of Jemac Packaging or should I now say MorsaPack Robert?   Respondent: Well I suppose we should.  At some point we should make that change over. Interviewer: Well the cat is out of the bag now.  You’ve given the…

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MorsaPack, why the rebrand?

A few questions that have been answered in the video above: Now Robert there’s change afoot isn’t there?  There’s a bit of a rebrand going on so I’ve heard? “Yes.  So this probably started about three years ago.  We were looking for a product brand for a range of products that we had and we’d…

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Who is Robert McEwan?

A small overview of some of the questions and the answers in the video above! What do you want to do in Jemac moving forwards? “At the beginning of this year I purchased the business off my father.  I have some very specific beliefs in relation to packaging and what customers should use it for…

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