Podcast: Plastic vs Paper

Which is the best material for packaging – and for the environment? As part of our latest podcast series, Robert McEwan looks at the benefits, pitfalls and perceptions of both plastic and paper.

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Podcast: Pallet Stability

Understanding the biggest challenges in ensuring pallet stability, and how to overcome these. In our latest podcast series, Robert McEwan looks at this area of packaging and product safety.

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Video interview: Packaging and the Environment

MorsaPack’s Managing Director, Robert McEwan, talks about how to ensure packaging does not cause harm to the environment, and the business’s commitment to functionality of packaging.

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Explore MorsaPack: MorsaPack’s key focusses & how we work

MorsaPack’s Managing Director talks through how we work and what it means to be a responsible business.

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Why the rebrand? Introducing MorsaPack:

Explaining our rebrand from Jemac Packaging, heralding a new focus and improved product offerings.

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Who is Robert McEwan? Introducing MorsaPack’s managing director:

MorsaPack’s Managing Director talks about his background in business, and his values and vision for the business.

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