Supply chain issues affecting Packaging – October 2021

Sharing Information From Recent Networking Event Recently I spent a few days at a packaging exhibition in Germany where I was sourcing new products for our range of corrugated products and our e-commerce range. Whilst at the exhibition, I met with colleagues that I have known throughout my career in packaging. This led to several…

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April 2022 – Plastic Tax

A new plastic tax is coming into play in the near future. Find out what we’re doing about it, and how it’s going to affect you. What’s this all about?… From April 2022 a Plastic Packaging Tax will apply to all plastic packaging being either manufactured or imported into the UK containing less than 30%…

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Morsapack packaging company based in Manchester
Why the company rebrand we hear you ask?

Back in March 2020, Ted McEwan, previous founder of Jemac Packaging went into retirement. His two sons Robert and Craig took the reins of the business they have been working at since they left school. Now, the first major change to the business has been announced: We have rebranded to MorsaPack Limited! “Morsa” is Italian…

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Is your packaging really fit for company purpose? Could you be saving more money and time?

Why is it that companies “claim” to be committed to reducing both packaging waste and weights and “claim” to be environmentally friendly yet use twice as much because the new packaging specification isn’t fit for purpose?

We know that this is a bit of a controversial point but it’s one that we believe needs discussion and debate.

Let us explain…..

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Nano technology – How can nano technology benefit transport & logistics companies?
Nano technology – How can nano technology benefit transport & logistics companies?

What is Nano and how will it benefit packaging….

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pallet cost saving methods in Manchester
Is thinner pallet wrap film always cheaper?

Perhaps the question of thickness of pallet wrap film isn’t at the forefront of everyone’s mind but, to the under pressure manager responsible for warehouse productivity and profitability and the shipment of goods it should be.

Listen to our Podcast on this subject.

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How can I benchmark my suppliers of pallet wrap film?

Many companies find this question hard to answer. They struggle to come up with ways to make sure that they are getting the best solution for their pallet wrapping at the most competitive price when comparing different suppliers of pallet wrap films.

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Using branded packaging to improve your in-store experience.

E-commerce sales are expected to make up 18 percent of all retail purchases in the UK by the end of this year, with mobile e-commerce alone projected to facilitate transactions worth 29 billion pounds. This development puts increased pressure on traditional brick and mortar stores to up their game and not to get left behind.…

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Is paying a price per pallet wrapped an effective option for industry?

Paying a price per pallet wrapped is an option for industry which means they pay a fixed price for every pallet they wrap. This may seem to be an appealing and cost effective way to manage their pallet wrapping costs but how cost effective is this compared to other options?

Listen to our podcast on this subject

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Can two people wrap a pallet the same way by hand?

Can two people wrap a pallet the same way?

Can one person wrap two pallets the same way?

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