Packaging Materials for the Chemicals Industry

Our chemical packaging solutions

Chemical packaging is the drums, jerry cans, buckets or IBCs used to carry chemical products.

At MorsaPack, our packaging products are the secondary, or ancillary, products to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your primary packaging for chemical handling. These ensure drums and other chemical packaging are kept secure and stable.

Ensuring load stability for chemicals transportation

Safely transporting chemicals requires robust procedures to ensure load stability. Correct pallet stability – through the proper configuration, wrapping and loading of pallets – is essential to reduce the risk of potentially hazardous products being damaged or dislodged during transit. 

  • Testing pallets to ensure correct tolerances for loads 
  • Advising on the correct loading and wrapping of goods 
  • Preventing physical, health or environmental hazards 
  • Supporting you to share all information with your supply chain 
  • Working to internationally agreed standards – EUMOS 40509 

chemical packaging services

How we work with the chemical industry

We support chemicals manufacturers, chemicals businesses, and businesses working with hazardous chemicals to securely ship their products. Whether you’re dealing with liquids, gases or pellets, we’ll develop solutions suited to your chemicals. 

Understanding the flow rate of the chemicals being transported, we’ll advise on the products and methods for packaging products.  

We’ll visit you to get a full understanding of your products, shipment methods – including the transportation to be used and areas to be covered – and facilities, to deliver a bespoke solution. Our services include load testing, supply of packaging and machinery (as required), and certification of loads. 

We’ll also advise on how to communicate all relevant safety information with your supply chain, ensuring all involved in the movement of goods are aware of their responsibilities, the risks involved and practices to ensure safe shipments. 

Look at our full range of solutions for the packaging industry.

Why MorsaPack for chemical packaging?

Testing load stability
Using EUMOS testing protocols we will test your pallet stability and make recommendations on how to ensure stability during transit, through the correct packaging, loading and securing of pallets. Your pallets will then be certified, confirming they adhere to EUMOS protocols.

Advising on packaging products and processes
We’ll recommend the appropriate packaging products to wrap and secure your loads – supply the right materials whether chemicals are transported using metal drums, plastic buckets, bags or lined boxes. The wrapping configuration for pallets is central to guaranteeing load stability.

Communicating to your supply chain
Having developed a correct, safe protocol for your chemicals shipments, we’ll then support you to share this information with everyone in your supply chain – ensuring understanding of responsibilities and the risks of not complying with guidance. We’ll focus on the importance of correctly loading goods, supplying guidance for all involved – from warehouse operatives responsible for loading, drivers responsible for loading and securing, and freight companies responsible for transportation.

The European Safe Logistics Association (EUMOS)
As members of EUMOS you can be assured we work to the highest safety standards.

What is EUMOS 40509?
This standard sets a protocol for testing, loading and securing palletised goods, to ensure the rigidity and safety of a load during transportation.

managed packaging services

Supplying the correct protective packaging

We’ll also ensure the packaging products and processes used to palletise your goods are optimised – advising on the correct combination and application of products to minimise waste without compromising on safety.

Supplying chemical packaging

  • Pallet wrap films and machinery – to ensure the consistency of wrap on pallets for load stability
  • Strapping materials and machinery – to parcel and secure loads 
  • Drum clips – to secure loads during transit

Our packaging solutions limit negative environmental impact – using recyclable or recycled products, as appropriate, and minimising wastage by advising on the optimal types and volumes of packaging.

By packaging, loading and shipping your chemicals securely, we’ll reduce the risk of hazards and increase your operational efficiencies. 

For guidance on safely shipping your chemicals or hazardous materials, contact us today. 

For more information on Pallet Stability, read more here.  

packaging stability auditing services

Packaging Stability Audits

Audits and support to maintain the integrity of the products being transported – ensuring the safety of the workers and fulfilling regulatory requirements.

managed packaging services

Managed Packaging Services

Services to supply the right packaging products in the right volumes at the right time – all tailored to your operations and requirements.

packaging costs audits

Packaging Costs Audit

Audits and support to assess packaging processes and materials – ensuring goods are shipped securely without any unnecessary packaging costs.


Innovative products to ensure load stability for chemicals during transportation.

Pallet Wrap Films

Pallet wrap film to hold products securely in place and support load stability.

pallet wrap machines

Pallet Wrap Machines

Machinery and equipment to support the correct, consistent wrapping of products.


Strapping to bundle products or secure goods to pallets and support load stability.

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Frequently asked questions

Is this packaging suitable for industrial chemicals?

Yes, our solutions are designed to be compatible with widely used chemical drums or containers. Our chemical packaging supports the transportation of a range of industrial substances including cleaning products and industrial chemicals as well as non-hazardous chemicals.

Does MorsaPack provide packaging for bulk liquids?

Yes, we provide secondary chemical packaging solutions to support the safe storage and transportation of bulk liquids.

What are the packaging requirements for hazardous chemicals?

Hazardous or dangerous chemicals should be packaged and handled according to the appropriate regulations, to protect the environment and those in your supply chain. Handling should also adhere to COSHH guidelines. All our chemical packaging materials are tested and certified to EUMOS protocols and registered to TUV accreditation – the international accreditation for load safety.

What is chemical packaging?

Primary chemical packaging typically includes drums, jerry cans, buckets or IBCs used to carry hazardous or non-hazardous substances. At MorsaPack, we provide packaging solutions that are secondary, or ancillary, to these, to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. Our solutions ensure chemical drums and other packaging is kept secure and stable during transit.

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