Pallet Stability Testing

Testing for safety and stability

Stable pallets are essential to maintain the integrity of the products being transported and ensure the safety of the workers handling them.

Pallet stability is also a regulatory requirement, ensuring you fulfil compliance criteria around the security of pallet loads.

Load stability, Safety & Speed

By auditing your pallet loading and wrapping processes, we can advise on how to ensure safety and achieve efficiencies and improvements.

Our comprehensive testing looks at the technical and load stability required for your pallets and how safe the configuration and wrapping process is. We’ll set out a customised programme for your pallet wrapping machine and define the optimal speeds, tensions and materials to consistently deliver safe, stable loads.

We’ll review every step of your packaging and shipping process, looking at how pallets are loaded, wrapped, transported and unloaded. With this understanding of your pallet lifecycle we’ll then make recommendations that limit resource usage and wastage without compromising load stability.

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optimised pallet wrapping processes

Optimising your pallet wrapping processes

Your pallet wrapping machine is one of your biggest assets in ensuring the safe delivery of goods, by securing loads ready for shipment.

Our testing will inform on the best wrap patterns to protect different sizes and types of goods. We will identify the right types and applications of stretch film and whether protective measures like layer pads or top sheets are required.

Tailoring solutions to ensure load stability

We can design the optimum pallet wrapping programme for your machine, accounting for the exact specification, tension, and stretch film required, to allow your team to pack and wrap loads safely and efficiently.

We can also add machine monitoring, allowing us to monitor the volumes of film used, to identify further efficiencies and maintain correct stock levels. And, where appropriate, we can also supply machines with comprehensive machine maintenance packages included.

What to expect from MorsaPack:

Stable pallets ensure goods being shipped internationally reach their destination in-tact and on time.

Pallets which do not meet compliance requirements can be turned away at international borders, so having them constructed, wrapped and handled properly is essential.

For your pallet stability test, our expert team will first get an understanding of your products and packaging, existing machinery and materials, packing and shipping schedules, and customer needs.

We’ll then review:

Pallet construction
Identifying the most efficient build process for your load requirements

Pallet wrapping
Advising on machine settings and materials, such as stretch wrap and stretch film

Pallet lifecycle
Setting realistic timelines for ongoing usage and reduced wastage

Using this information we’ll provide the right machine set-up and pallet wrapping programming for your needs.

The MorsaPack difference – end-to-end pallet wrapping solutions

Pallet and load stability are assured with our thorough review process and end-to-end solutions. We’ll ensure your pallets are constructed, wrapped and delivered correctly by:

Improving efficiencies

If you’ve experienced regular returns of shipments or product damage during shipping, it’s likely your pallet packing processes need to be improved. Unstable or poorly wrapped pallets may not pass border checks, causing delays, creating additional shipping costs, and leaving your customers without their products. By improving your pallet wrapping process you can prevent this.

Optimising wrapping

With an understanding of your products, customers, shipping schedules and delivery methods we’ll advise on the most appropriate pallet wrapping machinery and materials. We’ll look at how much protection is required to avoid product damage, and what resource, time and facilities you require for wrapping goods.

Reducing waste

We’ll advise on the best types and volumes of materials to wrap your products – including stretch film or stretch wrap – to guarantee pallet protection. Minimising wastage and implementing the use of recycled, recyclable or responsibly sourced plastics will further support your sustainability commitments.

Optimising pallet configuration

How a pallet is stacked or loaded with products impacts its overall pallet stability and the volume of product required to maintain load stability. We’ll advise on how to layer or organise products onto a pallet. Solutions such as stack patterns or layer pads will stabilise loads and reduce the volume of stretch wrap required.

Ensuring pallet acceptance

Secure pallet wrapping will ensure your shipments make it to your customers, meeting all compliance requirements and passing stringent checks – particularly in the sheds and warehouses run by major businesses. We’ll ensure every shipment arrives intact, allowing you to fulfil orders and meet your customers’ needs without wastage or excess cost.

Ensuring safety

Keeping the workers in your supply chain handling your pallets safe starts with correct construction. We will guide you on ensuring safe, effective pallet production, meeting all regulatory requirements and EUMOS guidelines. This ensures pallet stability, supporting the safety of the teams managing packing, loading and shipping products.

Understanding the regulatory requirements

To ensure they are packed, stored, loaded and transited safely, pallets are bound by regulatory requirements.

These EU quality standards impact shipments made to and from Europe, meaning goods being exported or imported will go through inspections to review their stability and integrity.

The European Safe Logistics Association (known as EUMOS) is a member-led group working to ensure quality standards are met for the safe transportation of cargo. It shares guidance and best practice on how pallets are handled.

MorsaPack’s commitment – contributing to best practice

As members of EUMOS, we not only contribute to best practice guidance for safe shipments but can also be trusted to work to the highest standards for our customers.

Using the EUMOS testing protocol, we will test your pallet stability and make recommendations where further measures are required to ensure stability. Your pallets will then be certified, confirming they adhere to EUMOS protocol.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do you need to test pallet stability?

Testing and optimising the stability of pallets ensures goods remain secure and in place while they are being moved. Stable loads protect the products that are being transported and reduce the risk of workers being injured by dislodged goods. Good pallet stability also ensures adherence to regulatory requirements of EUMOS 40509.

How do you improve pallet stability?

Pallet stability can be improved by the products used to secure goods to pallets, and the processes or techniques used for wrapping. This can include looking at how items are loaded onto pallets, and what films or wraps are used to hold items in place.

What is Eumos 40509?

EUMOS 40509 is a testing protocol that is designed to be used to test the rigidity and safety of a palletised load during acceleration and deceleration. These are designed to replicate the true forces applied to the load during normal freight conditions.

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