Ensure pallet stability with DrumClips

DrumClips are an innovative product supporting the stability of drums loaded onto pallets and trailers. 

Ensuring that products are secured to a pallet is the first principle of pallet stability. DrumClips guarantee this – holding global certifications for pallet stability. 

DrumClips work by clipping together two drums, held side-by-side, and allowing strapping to be held securely in place as it is tensioned to a pallet or trailer for storage or transit. 

Available for use with open top or tight head drums, DrumClips are used by the chemicals industry, agricultural businesses and many other sectors to ensure the safe transportation of liquids, gases and pellets stored in drums. 

DrumClips are triple certified to global standards, including meeting EUMOS 40509 requirements for pallet stability.


Benefits of using DrumClips

Where drums are traditionally held onto pallets using pallet wrap film, a DrumClip offers a simpler, lighter and more secure solution. 

Primarily, DrumClips improve the safety of loads for storage, transport or shipment By holding drums securely together and offering a place for strapping to be secured. 

DrumClips add minimal extra weight to loads and take up less space than traditional packaging methods. A DrumClip weighs just 100gr and requires just one application per two drums. They are also reusable, allowing for lower costs over the lifetime of shipments and reduced environmental impact from films and heavier loads. 

There are two DrumClip types available, to work across plastic drums and open head drums or tight head drums. Both are usable at ambient temperatures from -10c up to 50c. 

Watch our short video to see how Drumclips work in action.

Fully Automatic DrumClip Packing line

DrumClip Automatic Strapping Line offers a fully automatic solution to secure drums to pallets safely and efficiently. 

Investment in this equipment will create time and cost savings in packaging operations. And by replacing manual processes, it can improve worker safety and product security in the handling of hazardous materials or valuable produce. 

The DrumClip Automatic Strapping Line works by: 

1 – Placing newly filled drums (placed 2×2) onto conveyor belt atop a pallet 

2 – Affixing two DrumClips and securing a vertical strap over the drums and under the pallet 

3 – Securing a horizontal strap around the perimeter of the drums 

4 – Removing the pallet of drums, now safely secured, from the line 

Fully Automatic DrumClip Packing line

DrumClip – how it works

There are two ways to safely apply DrumClips: 

DrumClips can be affixed to the top rims of two drums being held side-by-side. Used in conjunction with strapping, they allow strapping to be securely affixed to hold drums in tension on a pallet.  

DrumClips can also be used to hold ratchet strapping in place for drums already held to a pallet using pallet wrap film and being loaded onto a trailer. Here, the use of anti-slip mats is typically advised too. 

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Why use a DrumClip?

Triple certified
DrumClips are certified to EUMOS, ISTA and TUV standards. They have been tested on safety and functionality as well as for pallet stability, giving users peace of mind for the safe transportation of goods. 

Simplified application
DrumClips do not require complicated application – they can be affixed and removed manually by warehouse or transport operatives, or using an Automatic DrumClip Packing Line.

Reusable packaging
DrumClips can be reused as often as needed for up to one year from purchase (with proper use) 

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