Packaging Cost Audits

Ensure efficient, effective packaging processes with a comprehensive audit

Maintain high levels of efficiency and keep your costs low through comprehensive packaging audits.

Assessing your packaging processes and materials will ensure your products are packaged and shipped securely without mounting cost for unnecessary types or volumes of packaging. And using the right solutions will keep waste to a minimum and prevent damage during transit.

Audits of your packaging solutions also ensure you are fulfilling all relevant compliance requirements.

Delivering expert packaging solutions

We’ll visit your facilities to review your existing packaging solutions and identify areas for improvement. As well as auditing your packaging and shipping processes, we’ll get a good understanding of your product types, overall operations, storage facilities to make tailored recommendations which will improve productivity.

packaging costs audits

Why complete a packaging audit?

A packaging cost audit will bring down your costs while focussing on quality. We look at the total cost of packaging and shipping items, rather than simply the cost of buying packaging. Correctly packaged products arrive on-time and in-tact, reducing the risk of delayed or damaged shipments that cause financial and reputational risk.

Perfecting your packaging processes

Up to 4% of products are damaged on arrival (according to EUMOS) adding up to high financial, environmental and reputational costs. Preventing damage during transit is assured with correct packaging processes and solutions. Our packaging audit service considers the whole packaging process, from storing and handling both products and packaging materials, to packaging goods, to customers receiving deliveries or shipments.

We’ll advise on the right materials or combinations of materials to adequately protect products and secure pallets. Often this means using an alternative product but less of it overall, to reduce waste. Or it can mean combining different materials or applying products at different times to ensure optimal use of the wider range of packaging solutions on the market.

Improving productivity through process

The processes by which your goods are packaged can create high and unnecessary costs. We’ll review the speed of your operations, to consider the personnel costs of packaging, and identify where machinery or equipment is more efficient.

Supporting your wider supply chain

You’ll be recognised as a trusted, reliable business and supply chain partner, able to provide goods at the right time and in the right condition for your customers.

Fulfilling compliance requirements

Efficient packaging solutions ensure you fulfil your obligation to reporting and compliance requirements and ensure high standards of health and safety for your team.

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Identifying the best packaging solutions

Understanding your products, operations and delivery methods is essential for recommending the most effective processes and products.

How we do this


Ensuring packaging materials provide adequate protection and work well with other products. For example, ensuring tape seals effectively to the material it is applied to.


Ensuring high productivity in packaging operations through worker comfort and safety and machine usage. For example, reviewing the layout of your packaging department


Assessing whether your machinery settings can be refined, to ensure the correct sealing or wrapping of products or efficient dispensing of materials.


Understanding the shipment process and needs for your goods, looking at size, weight and height of packages to ensure pallet stability and product security.

We’ll then work closely with your team to educate on the properties and benefits of different packaging products, to ensure the appropriate material or process is being applied correctly and efficiently. With a better understanding of product application, your team will use the optimal volume of packaging, reducing overall cost and waste and reducing the risk of returns due to poor packaging.

Why choose MorsaPack?

Our packaging cost audit services focus on using the right materials and creating the most efficient packaging department to create savings. You’ll see fewer damaged or returned shipments, once caused by poor packaging, and lower overall packaging and shipment costs. And your team will be more knowledgeable, improving safety, productivity and performance.

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