Case Studies
How a logistics company for a paint manufacturer saved almost £100k a year and reduced their packaging by 33%

Overview Finding the right pallet wrap delivers financial, operational and environmental efficiencies. The client wanted to check that their packaging solution was delivering both the required level of pallet stability for transporting paint, as well as maximum cost and resource efficiency. Our testing found that using a thicker film delivered the optimal holding force without…

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A packaging room redesign for a large online retailer, all in a days work!

We’ve just completed this packaging room re-design for an online retailer that has experienced massive growth in recent months. As a result of recent growth, our customer was wanting to ensure that future demands were able to be met, whilst reducing any inefficiencies in the packaging operation. To do this, we worked with the customer to change…

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Pallet wrapping machine
MorsaWrap S1 with flower trolley system

We have recently installed our new MorsaWrap pallet wrapping machine with a Trolley System into a Nursery in the North West.  This system allows wheeled trolleys to be locked into place whist being wrapped with a quick foot release pedal to allow quick loading and unloading of the trolleys. This device can be fitted to…

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Yes, correct, we can supply bespoke pallet wrap machines

We were able to cut the height of the machine to fit their new wrapping location without affecting their production lead times as well as reducing the customers wrapping costs by 50% in the process! All in a days work for us… Recently we have installed this unique pallet wrapping machine at the request from a customer that…

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