Managed packaging services

Tailored packaging solutions from trusted packaging professionals

The right packaging will deliver benefits to your operations, bottom line, reputation and the environment.

Customised and optimised

Managed packaging services give you the right packaging products in the right volumes at the right time. With a focus on service, sustainability and value, we’ll tailor a packaging service that is flexible to your operations and requirements.

Our service will ensure there is synergy between your packaging methods, – the machinery, manual methods or facilities used – the packaging products or materials, and the products being packed. Using the right materials in the right way is key to delivering shipments safely, securely and sustainably, whether that’s direct to your customers or out to a distribution network.

managed packaging services

Why choose MorsaPack for your packaging solutions?

As your products and services evolve, or your volumes, facilities and team grow, so too should your packaging solutions. Regular input and guidance from our packaging professionals ensures your packaging keeps pace with your operations, continuing to use the most appropriate solutions for your needs. 

We’ll take the time to understand your business to bring you a range of benefits. 

Visiting your facilities, we’ll complete a comprehensive audit of your packaging processes and needs. We’ll identify how to streamline or improve operations and where to create time- or cost-saving efficiencies. We’ll also advise on how to create safe, comfortable working environments for your team on the ‘shop floor’.

We’ll then advise on the best products, materials and equipment, along with how to brand, streamline or optimise these for your products and delivery schedules.

After sourcing your packaging, we’ll store it, dispatching it to you at regular intervals to save on taking up your valuable storage space. Our working knowledge of your operations allows us to keep you restocked year-round, sending you the right volumes of products at the right time.

The MorsaPack difference
– your packaging solutions partner

We build trusted, long-lasting partnerships with both our customers and our suppliers, giving you peace of mind that your packaging needs will be understood and met. We’ll take the hassle out of our packaging supplies and solutions by:

Reducing risk

By using the correct packaging solutions – applying the best products in the correct volumes – you’ll reduce the risk of insecure or unsafe shipments, which can cause delays, be returned, arrive damaged or even risk fines. We’ll advise on the most efficient application of products to ensure stable loads without creating high costs or waste.

Guaranteeing stock availability

We maintain a healthy and varied inventory of packaging supplies. Our on-site stock – covering everything from tape and equipment to recycled options – means we’ll quickly source and supply the right packaging solutions for you to keep up during those busy periods.

Embedding sustainability

Our managed packaging solutions focus on minimising wastage by designing waste out of the packaging process. Sustainability can come from reducing volumes of packaging required, or using products which are reusable, compostable, recyclable or made from recycled materials.

Lowering overheads

Clever packaging solutions will reduce your shipping fees, fuel costs and carbon emissions. We’ll provide the most appropriate lightweight packaging that protects your products without adding unnecessary weight that creates additional delivery costs.

Improving cashflow

We’ll help you to get clear on your packaging requirements and can hold stock for you at our site, allowing you to order key items in bulk to lower volume costs and ensuring your stocks stay replenished. Our inventory management team will be responsive to your needs.

Ensuring safety

A safe, comfortable working environment for your team will improve productivity and support efficient use of packaging supplies. Following our in-person audit of your operations and facilities we’ll advise on how best to ensure this for the team handling and packing your products.
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Regular reporting on your packaging operations

To keep pace and continually improve your solutions, we’ll regularly review and report on your packaging operations. This ensures you continue to receive the right products or applicators for your goods and allows us to identify any improvements or efficiencies or overcome any challenges. We’ll focus on how practical the packaging is for your team and products, along with affordability and sustainability.

Compliant and efficient

Reporting is a key part of our managed packaging services, allowing us to refine your solutions.

Our bespoke packaging reviews cover:

Materials – ensuring your products provide the protection, usability and accessibility required
Packages – ensuring the sizes and weights of your packages don’t create additional costs
Style – delivering professional looking and user-friendly packaging
Sustainability – both economic and environmental: ensuring regular supply and delivering environmentally-friendly solutions

packaging reports

Reducing waste
MorsaPack’s sustainability benefits

Working sustainably ensures both environmental and economic benefits. By using just the right amount of packaging – not too much, and not too little – we’ll ensure your products remain protected without harming the environment.

Our audits will identify where to make efficiencies over usage, and our extensive knowledge of packaging means we can advise on exactly which products are right for you and your customers. From recyclable or reusable paper-based materials to responsibly sourced and robust plastics, we can advise on the most sustainable, cost-effective options.

We’ll also ensure your packaging is compliant with all relevant regulations.

Carefully customised managed packaging services

With the right products, equipment and working practices your packaging will ensure shipments are delivered securely and cost-effectively.

We are your ‘one stop shop’ packaging professionals, able to advise and support you on packaging, pallets, machinery, maintenance and audits.

We are your ‘one stop shop’ packaging professionals, able to advise and support you on packaging, pallets, machinery, maintenance and audits.

  • Delivering a complete packaging offer
  • Putting our customers first
  • Tailoring service and solutions to your business
customised packaging services

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