Horticultural Packaging Solutions

Plant packaging products & solutions

Plants and flowers need to be managed and moved with care. Our packaging products and solutions ensure goods are protected and can be nurtured during shipment, to:

  • Protect produce
  • Enhance product shelf-life
  • Allow plants to access air, water and sunlight 
  • Prevent condensation and mould

As well as keeping plants and flowers in perfect condition, our packaging products also support safety and minimise wastage within the supply chain too. We advise our horticulture customers on the most appropriate solution and how to optimise packaging products and processes – preventing product damage and minimising waste without compromising on safety or security. 

How can I protect my plants during transit?

Dutch trolleys, or Danish trolleys, are the standard way to store and transport plants or flowers. These wheeled trolleys with multiple shelves are both versatile and reliable. But there is often risk of goods being damaged, becoming dehydrated or dying during transportation.

Optimising Dutch trolleys for transportation:

To protect goods, Dutch trolleys need to be carefully but thoroughly wrapped using a breathable packaging or film, to to contain plants securely and allow them to access air, water and light. Adaptations for pallet wrapping machines and specialist net films support this. Learn more below:

plant packaging solutions for horticulture

Our packaging solutions

✓      MorsaNet net film – to package and protect goods 

MorsaNet film holds produce securely, while also allowing them to ‘breathe’. As a specially-developed, perforated packaging film it allows produce to be exposed to sun, light, air and water, as required.

✓      Bubble wrap film – to line glass houses 

Bubble wrap film helps to stabilise and manage temperatures in green or glass houses. Its double laminated UVI stabilised structure can control heat in nurseries or greenhouses. 

✓      Pallet wrapping machines – to package loads for shipment 

Our machines and dispensers support the safe, efficient and consistent application of films and packaging to pallets ready for transport or shipment.

✓      Dutch trolley locking system – to hold Dutch, or Danish, trolleys during wrapping 

Our adaptations can accommodate trolley wheels – locking or clamping them into place and allowing pallet wrapping machines to wrap goods – without compromising or restricting the trolley’s movement once wrapped.

✓      Strapping machines and materials – to secure shipments 

Our strapping machines support the safe, efficient and precise application of strapping around pallets and loads, securing them ready for shipment.

Horticultural packaging that offers security, stability & sustainability

Your packaging should ensure product longevity and also support load stability. While the trolleys typically used to transport horticultural produce give the stability required, the right packaging will ensure plants and flowers can breathe once wrapped – guaranteeing product security and load stability.

Our packaging solutions also support sustainability. MorsaNet film is made using 30% recycled content, ensuring it fulfils the requirements of the Plastic Packaging Tax.

For guidance on horticultural packaging solutions, contact us today

packaging stability auditing services

Packaging Stability Audits

Audits and support to maintain the integrity of the products being transported – ensuring the safety of the workers and fulfilling regulatory requirements.

managed packaging services

Managed Packaging Services

Services to supply the right packaging products in the right volumes at the right time – all tailored to your operations and requirements.

packaging costs audits

Packaging Costs Audit

Audits and support to assess packaging processes and materials – ensuring goods are shipped securely without any unnecessary packaging costs.

Pallet Wrap Films

Pallet wrap film to hold products securely in place and support load stability.

Pallet Wrap Machines

Machinery and equipment to support the correct, consistent wrapping of products.


Strapping to bundle products or secure goods to pallets and support load stability.

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Frequently asked questions

What is horticultural packaging?

Horticultural packaging covers the specialist products and processes used to protect delicate goods like plants, flowers and saplings during transportation. Horticultural packaging needs to hold produce securely in place, preventing them from being damaged, while also allowing them to access air, water and the best possible light.

Why does plant packaging differ from regular packaging?

Plant packaging is different from other films or wraps as it is breathable. Net film is perforated to allow the product inside to ‘breathe’ by accessing water, light and air or allowing condensation to dissipate.

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