Environmental packaging audits

Improve the environmental impact of your packaging with an expert audit

Completing an environmental audit of your packaging processes and solutions will deliver benefits for your business, your clients and the environment.

  • Identifying the most environmentally-sound packaging solutions
  • Preventing or limiting waste using recycled or recyclable material
  • Rationalising the range, volume and supply of your packaging needs
  • Reducing emissions through the weights and frequency of shipments

Environmental packaging audits look at all product packaging and shipment processes, identifying where and how efficiencies can be made.

We’ll identify where recycled or recyclable materials are the best solution for your packaging, or where the amount of material required can be safely reduced to limit waste. And we’ll review the size, weights and regularity of shipments to recommend improvements that reduce emissions.

We’ll identify where recycled or recyclable materials are the best solution for your packaging, or where the amount of material required can be safely reduced to limit waste. And we’ll review the size, weights and regularity of shipments to recommend improvements that reduce emissions.

environmental packaging audits for businesses
environmental packaging audit to reduce packaging waste

Improving your packaging through Reduce Reuse Recycle

We work to the ‘waste hierarchy’, committing to reducing material consumption first and foremost. As well as supporting you to use recycled or recyclable materials, we’ll also put processes in place and recommend packaging types that reduce your overall use of valuable resources.

By reviewing your facilities, machinery and manual packaging techniques our analysis will identify where to reduce or renew your packaging, such as through revised wrapping patterns for your machinery. We’ll also ensure additional items such as tape, filler or secondary packaging are only used where strictly necessary.

Getting your packaging right is essential to protect products and securely deliver them to your customers. We’ll ensure your goods are adequately protected and your pallets are securely wrapped without using any more material than is necessary, to limit waste.

Reducing the risk of damage during transit or shipments being turned back at borders prevents unnecessary extra shipments, to limit the environmental impact of emissions from your operations.

A complete packaging solution

Our solutions will ensure you fulfil all relevant packaging regulations around the recycled and recyclable materials used and the data reporting on processes and usage.

Our commitment to sustainability

Getting things right environmentally doesn’t have to create huge costs financially. In fact, improving the environmental performance of your packaging solutions will create cost savings overall. We look at sustainability for both the environment and your operations, making recommendations that are sustainable for your business too – appropriate, affordable and efficient.

By recommending solutions that limit resource-reliance, reduce costs and improve efficiencies, we know they’ll be maintained for years to come – true sustainability.

What to expect from your audit

As with all our services and audits, your environmental audit will be a collaborative and educational process. We’ll visit your facilities and ensure we’re informed of all aspects of your operations and service delivery, from product types and customer needs to your team, timescales and facilities.

With this information, we’ll make recommendations covering all aspects of ordering, storing, dispensing and shipping your packaging.

Understanding the lifecycle of packaging

We look at the whole lifecycle of products, to advise on their circular economy credentials.
For example, can a product be reused by your end customer, or has it been made from predominantly recycled materials. This also includes reviewing the combinations of different products, such as using paper tape on cardboard boxes where plastic tape will hinder the recyclability of a box.

Reviewing the whole packaging and shipping process

We’ll review your shipping requirements and operations as closely as your initial packaging techniques. In doing so, we’ll find how to minimise your parcel weights and sizes, to streamline deliveries and limit emissions that can be harmful to the environment.
For example, while products made with recycled content may seem appealing, these could increase your total pack weights without then being recyclable again. Instead, virgin materials can be 100% recyclable without creating unnecessary weight, therefore reducing emissions during shipping.

Demonstrating your environmental commitments

We’ll also advise on how to appropriately and clearly demonstrate or communicate all this to your customers, so they’re clear on their recycling requirements and your environmental commitments. This can have a knock-on positive environmental and financial impact for your customers too. As well as supporting their own recycling targets, the packaging you use can allow them collect and recycle certain materials, such as cardboard or plastics, to claim rebates on valuable commodity-led materials.

Environmental audit
vs packaging cost audit

An environmental audit focuses on the sustainability of your packaging processes:

• Streamlining the use of resources
• Preventing packaging waste
• Reducing emissions

A packaging cost audit centres on improving the financial viability of your packaging solutions:

• Refining processes
• Improving efficiency
• Reducing costs

Frequently asked questions

What is a packaging audit?

A packaging audit assesses the operational, financial and environmental efficiency of your packaging products and processes. An audit will find the most appropriate packaging to limit waste while also ensuring the security of the packaged products to prevent damaged goods becoming waste.

What type of packaging is environmentally friendly?

Packaging can be environmentally friendly not just from the materials it is made from, but from the way it limits overall product weights or wastage of materials. Lighter, stronger materials will lower product weights to limit emissions during transportation, for example. We can advise on what configuration of packaging products and applications will deliver the greatest environmental benefits.

Why would a green audit be carried out for packaging?

An environmental packaging audit can limit wastage of valuable resources, identify the most environmentally-sound solutions, and reduce emissions from your transportation overall. A green audit from our team goes further than simply looking at materials with recycled or recyclable content.

Why should more companies adopt environmentally friendly packaging?

Environmentally friendly packaging isn’t just good for the environment, it can be good for your bottom line too. Reducing waste and limiting transport weights will create savings overall. Environmentally friendly packaging will also demonstrate your values to your clients and supply chain.

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