Pallet Wrapping Machines

Machine film wrapping offers a quicker, more precise and consistent way to secure loads. Machine stretch wrap also ensures film is being stretched to its optimum capacity, delivering the right tension and tear resistance to protect goods on pallets.

Our wide range of pallet wrap machines and dispensers suit all types and sizes of packaging operations.

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Our machine rental service gives you access to the latest machinery along with installation, operative training and regular servicing, to ensure your equipment remains reliable, precise and safe.

Pallet wrap machines – How they work

A pre-programmed machine, dispensing the right film, will secure loads to your exact specification, granting greater efficiency in high volume packaging operations and achieving long-term cost savings.

By delivering a ‘power pre stretch’ a machine can stretch film as it leaves a roll, to optimise its effectiveness in delivering tear resistance and load stability. Stretching film to up to 300% of its original length on a roll means a machine can reduce the amount of film used without compromising how secure or stable loads are.

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Pallet wrap machines & dispensers – types and applications


Pallet wrap machines are best for high volume operations, or large or awkward shaped products. Pallet wrap machines can be configured to stretch film, ensuring the correct elongation to use film to its optimum capacity.


Semi-automatic turntable machines suit a medium to high volume of goods being packaged onto pallets. Turntable machines dispense wrap film in just a few seconds, supporting efficient packaging operations.


Manual dispensers are suitable for smaller products, facilities with various wrapping areas, or low volume packaging operations. They can be handheld, offering flexibility in use on a shop floor, or mounted to walls or packing tables.

How to choose the right pallet wrap machine – film carriages:

Finding the right machine or equipment for your packaging operations will depend on the size and scale of your operations. By considering the volume of pallets being wrapped, the size of loads on pallets and the associated costs for wrap film and machinery, we help our customers to choose the right pallet wrap machine.
Machines typically offer three stretch systems:

Core brake

Ideal for: Low volume usage.

About: Core brake machines offer limited stretch to film (up to 100%) so will typically need to apply more film to a pallet to ensure stability. These machines cost less though, so for low volume usage, spending less on a machine but a little more on film per pallet wrapped works out most cost-effective. Core brake machines are semi-automatic.

Limitations: Offers limited control over film stretch and tension on the pallet. Risks higher costs per-pallet-wrapped if volumes rise.


Ideal for: High volume usage.

About: Pre-stretched machines offer better stretch capacities, able to be fixed using geared systems, creating better efficiencies for usage of wrap films while supporting load stability. Pre-stretched machines are semi-automatic.

Limitations: Offers only limited control tension on the pallet.

Power pre-stretched

Ideal for: High volume usage where ensuring pallet stability is essential.

About: Power pre-stretched machines offer optimum stretch, also able to be fixed using geared systems, while also giving control over tensions, ensuring load stability while also offering the same efficiencies for usage of wrap films. Power pre-stretched machines can be semi- or fully-automatic.

Limitations: Can be tricky for use on unusual shaped loads.

Dual motor power pre-stretched

Ideal for: Operations requiring high stretch capacity.

About: The same as a power pre-stretched machine, but rather than having a gear ratio for rollers (to stretch film as it is dispensed), these machines have motors to vary the pre-stretch available. Dual motor machines can be semi- or fully-automatic.

We offer a wide range of machines, from simpler manual-use core brake machines to sophisticated automated machinery with touch screen controls and film cut or weld capacities.

We can work with you to find the most cost-effective solution suited to your facilities and budget, to ensure secure loads every time.

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