Ensuring load stability for chemicals transportation with the DrumClip

Ensuring that the drums are held to the pallet is the first principle of pallet stability. To do this you need to ensure that you have a control over the packaging throughout the whole journey that the pallet moves through.

The ways that companies currently pack drums include using pallet wrapping films to hold the product to the pallet, also strapping with card edge protection in place.

How the DrumClip gives you a safer pallet

The DrumClip is designed to be used in 2 ways. Firstly you clip the DrumClip over the rim of 2 drums and then use Polyester strapping material to lock the DrumClip in place and anchor the drums to the pallet.

Then once the pallet is loaded onto the truck the Ratchet Strapping can be placed over the clips and use these to anchor the pallet to the truck.

DrumClips vs traditional packaging methods

Designed to secure your drums to the pallet and to your truck the DrumClip is a patented product that gives you the security and peace of mind if you are distributing chemicals in drums.

Ways to use

  • Use 2 drum clips per pallet with a horizontal and vertical PET strap to secure to the pallet.
  • Wrap the drums with pallet wrap film to secure the drums to a pallet and then use a DrumClip on either side of the truck with a ratchet strap to secure the products to the truck.

MorsaPack have extensive experience in specifying packaging that works for you in the chemical industry. Speak to us about your specific requirements and we will use or experience to give you the best solution.

For guidance on safely shipping your chemicals or hazardous materials, contact us today. 

Creative, practical solutions designed to keep your products safe throughout its journey from production to the end user.  

Why a DrumClip?

Triple certified
Certified by EUMOS, TUV & ISTA gives you the assurance that this is the solution that will give you the peace of mind you need.

Simple Packaging
As little as two DrumClips, two straps (one horizontally and one vertically) and you have a certified pallet that is stable and ready to despatch.

Re-usable packaging
DrumClips can be used as often as you need to for 1 year from purchase

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