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Finding pallet shipping solutions for client partnerships since 1970.

Here at MorsaPack we pride ourselves on client-focused solutions for your pallet stability issues. Each of our audits examines the technical stability, construction safety, and speed at which your pallets are put together. We then examine each stage of the process to illuminate areas of improvement.

Streamlining your pallet stability gives you less margin for error in the shipping process. Pallets are checked at borders and are often turned away if exacting EU standards are not met. MorsaPack can save the time and money spent on pallets which are declined by offering a bespoke wrapping solution designed expressly for your firm.

No matter the pallet stability needs of your company, we are here to help. Call our expert pallet auditing team today to get started. 

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Pallet stability audits in Manchester

Why choose MorsaPack pallet stability audits?

MorsaPack are responsible for building a respectable reputation in their 50+ years as an established pallet stability audit company in Manchester and the surrounding areas. Formerly operating as Jemac Packaging, our skilled and diverse team have devised pallet stability audits for companies that export goods from England for over half a century.

During our time as a leading pallet audit company in Greater Manchester, we have developed meaningful client partnerships that have withstood the test of time. Our clients know us to be expedient, industrious, and value-rich. We aim to shave cost from the pallet packaging process, one roll of film at a time.

We understand how pallets are built from the ground up. Construction, type of film used, pallet lifecycle, and pattern of wrapping, are all taken into consideration. The result is a machine set up with the optimal pallet stability settings that is 100% tailored to suit your specific needs. 

End-to-end pallet wrapping solutions

There are several reasons why clients return again and again to use our pallet stability auditing company. Here are but a few.

Keep waste to a minimum

With out immaculate pallet stability packaging audits in place, you will be able to spy any anomalies which may lead to products being rejected from the EU due to damage. Keep waste to a minimum and protect your profit margin with our pallet packaging solutions.

Optimise the pallet wrapping process

Starting from the point of wrapping, our team of auditors will devise the ideal method of packaging, outfitted entirely to suit your company. The pallet wrapping process will be altered to suit your goods and shipments precisely, shaving even more off your overheads.

Ensure pallet acceptance

A well-wrapped pallet is less likely to become damaged. An undamaged package has a boosted chance of acceptance and therefore will not be returned to you or destroyed. This saves both time and money, and it all starts with a simple, routine audit.

Save time handling returns

If your firm sees regular returns from borders, your pallet packaging techniques need work. Handling returned pallets costs extra in shipping and time. Bypass the added workload by shipping your pallets correctly wrapped the first time around.

Evaluate construction and build

We are fully versed in pallet build and construction. We will guide you towards safer, effective pallet production to ensure both safety compliance and EUMOS guidelines. Our inspection team are vigorous, helpful, and aim to save you profit where possible.

Understand pallet lifecycle

We have decades of experience in understanding the product lifecycle for your pallet. From the moment it leaves you until the moment it arrives, our pallet auditing process secures its passage as surely as if you were delivering by hand, yourself.

Reduce waste and protect the environment

Since each and every order that leaves you has been tested for optimisation in pallet stability, you help reduce wasted goods and damaged packaging. In turn, this helps save the environment, as well as lowering the cost of wastage to your firm.

MorsaPack are a EUMOS regulated pallet auditor

The quality standards set out by the European Union effect every shipment made to and from Europe. The EU inspection teams will search your goods through roadside inspection points to ensure their suitability and maintain quality standards.

The European Safe Logistics Association (also known as EUMOS) is a voluntary member’s association that ensures a high benchmark is maintained for quality standards throughout participating companies. EUMOS guidelines are tested, certified, and maintained with regular inspections. They aim to create a benchmark of good quality.

Although membership is voluntary, we at MorsaPack have completed registration and are now members of the EUMOS association. This gives you the security of knowing that your pallet audit is being carried out to the highest possible standards of excellence, each time they ship out.

Using our knowledge and expertise, you can have a fully tested and stable pallet, every time an order leaves your warehouse. Just one more reason to trust MorsaPack for all your pallet wrapping and stabilising needs.

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Accurately set wrap patterns and monitor the life cycle of your machine

Your pallet wrapping machine is one of your biggest assets when it comes to exporting goods. Our pallet audits will ensure you are using the correct wrap patterns that most accurately protects your goods. 

Our audit will help you predict the right type of film to use and how it should be applied. It will discern whether layer pads are needed and in which layers. Will a top sheet protect your goods? We will find out and pass the information on to you.

Better yet, we can design the optimum pallet wrapping program and then see it applied correctly to the machine. We will set it up correctly with the exact specifications, pressures, and films needed. We can even set up monitoring on the machine so that it maintains the film usage and pallet stability throughout its lifecycle.

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Contact MorsaPack to schedule your pallet stability audit

If you would like to review, streamline, and reduce wastage in your pallet stabilising processes, then calling our team is the best course of action. We will refine the entire process, setup your machine to optimised specifications, and provide you with excellent pallet stability services throughout the Greater Manchester Area.

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