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Rent out your packaging Machines from a trusted source, for affordable rates.

Here at MorsaPack, we have decades of experience in providing packaging machine rental for firms throughout the Greater Manchester area. Formerly known as Jemac Packaging, we have been providing high quality Packaging Solutions for businesses since the 1970s. Throughout this period, our name has become synonymous with efficient, high quality packaging solutions. It’s a reputation we are proud of.

As a result of our experience and dedication to the job, you will find our packaging equipment to be second to none. We have worked hard to build a loyal customer base, where we cultivate partnerships based on integrity, reliability, and trust. Our customers can always expect the finest treatment when they come to us for help. 

We cordially invite you to join us in a customer partnership, by renting one of Hi-Tech packaging machines. Each machine has been ergonomically designed to make the packaging process as simple as possible for your staff. They are pre-programmable, will save you both time and money in pallet packaging, and can help protect goods which might otherwise be turned back for damage.

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Why rent a packaging machine?

Packaging machines cost a lot of money to buy outright. Since this added cost isn’t going towards the production of goods and services, the cost of packaging can seem like money thrown away. Our accurate packaging machines resolve this issue by being both affordable and cost efficient.

When you choose to use a MorsaPack packaging machine, you create sturdier pallets that are less likely to be turned away at the border. Your products are safer, thereby protecting your profits. Shipping costs are lower, and less waste is created, both at the packaging end and at the delivery end. 

In short, for the small fee attached to renting out a highly effective packaging machine, you can save huge amounts in the shipping, packing, and delivery processes. For large companies with high shipping volumes, the savings could be exceptional.

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The MorsaPack Standard

When you choose to rent your packaging machine from us, you will to the numerous benefits associated with being a MorsaPack customer. Some of these benefits are detailed below.

Fixed price machine costs

Each of our prices has been set to include the cost of any breakdowns, mentor, or new parts needed. Machines are rented at a fixed price which should not change throughout the duration of your contract.

Fixed price machine costs allow you to create an accurate budget for your Packaging Solutions. It saves you the added cost of buying a machine for yourself and allows you to take full advantage of the most recent packaging systems.

Flexible contract terms

When you choose to rent your packaging machines from us, you will be subject to a flexible contract term. These allow you to rent one of our high quality packaging systems for anything from 1-month to 5 years.  This should allow you to meet any long-term or short-term expectations you have surrounding packaging for your company.

Materials can be included

When you choose to hire highly efficient packaging machines from MorsaPack, you can choose to include the cost of your packaging materials. Anyone who has ever run a business that posts out orders knows the difficulties and securing materials at the right time. Using this service, you could ensure that you never run out of brown paper packaging purple wrap over again.

Reduced requirements for Capex

Capital Expenditures are one of the biggest ways to lose money when setting up your business. Our team are specialists in providing you with excellent quality packaging machines. Renting your packaging technology from MorsaPack eliminates overheads at the outset, freeing up cashflow for other things.

Less waste with greater profits

When you focus on streamlining the packaging end of your business through the introduction of packaging machinery, you eliminate much of the waste caused through goods damaged in transit. This increases your profit margins, meaning the rental will pay for itself on every order shipped.

The benefit of hiring state-of-the-art packaging machines

When you decide to hire one of our state-of-the-art packaging machines, you will be able to use the pre-programmed packaging settings Incorporated. These pre-programmed settings happened designed to use minimal packaging, produce less waste, and protect your goods efficiently so that they aren’t turned back by the EU.

As well as saving you money, this method of packaging solution is more environmentally friendly because it wastes less. For companies that have high volumes of goods damaged in transit, or for those who frequently find are goods turned back at the EU borders, are Hi-Tec Packaging Solutions are a must-have.

Hiring Packaging Machines Can Help You:

  • Boost profits with reduced damage
  • Reduce waste as more goods arrive whole
  • Save on packaging materials since less will be used in error
  • Make each pallet identical
  • Speed up the time taken to process orders
  • Protect your goods during shipment
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by lowering wastage

All the above will save you money, effort, and time spent put into ineffective packaging solutions.

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packaging machine rentals based in Manchester

MorsaPack: The Benchmark for Packaging Machinery

Our 50+ years of experience in providing packaging services throughout Manchester and England, have resulted in some hard-earned knowledge. Above and beyond anything else that you get when you choose our package machine rentals, is the benefit of this knowledge.

Our company has tried and failed, tested and re-tested, and researched into areas other companies won’t explore until their fourth decade, either. We have worked with every kind of customer on every kind of project. If you think your situation is a strange one, there is a high chance we have already heard it before.

So trust the MorsaPack name and high standards of quality control. Hire your packaging machines from us and rely on our brand to support your brand through a streamlined packaging process. We are ready and waiting to save you money.

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