Managed packaging services

Optimised packaging distribution solutions with a client-centric focus.

We provide managed packaging services throughout England and the UK, which are entirely tailored to your company. We can take charge of package provision for frequent small shipping orders or occasional massive product shipment which needs specialist care. Our quick-witted, well-trained staff are on hand and ready to help.

When you decide to trust MorsaPack with your managed packaging solutions, you will benefit from a better quality of materials and customer care. We send packaging to you with the same due diligence that you create your products with, making each and every packaging bundle that leaves our hands as professionally finished as is possible. 

Manchester managed packaging services

Why choose MorsaPack for
managed packaging in the UK?

Our clients trust us to send completed packaging orders in a timely fashion, communicate over re-stocking, and produce responsibly sourced packaging materials that saves them both costs and time. 

We have been in operation since the 70’s, providing tailored packaging solutions for corporations throughout Greater Manchester and the rest of the UK. Formerly known as Jemac Packaging, our skilled team have decades of experience in providing exemplary package processing. 

The MorsaPack name is synonymous with high-quality packing. From the recycled paper that we use for wrapping, to the responsibly sourced plastic wrap occasionally needed, we source, provide, and send your packing goods in the most cost-efficient way possible. 

It is this blend of attention to detail, quality packaging, and cost-efficiency, that has seen the MorsaPack brand become a trusted name among the distributors of England. We could be sending your packaging, too.

The MorsaPack difference
your complete packaging partner

We aim to create lasting partnerships with our clients. Trusting us with your managed packaging needs means you will never need to worry about running out of product packaging ever again. There are several other benefits to choosing MorsaPack to be your managed packaging service. Here are some of the best.

Lower your packaging overheads

MorsaPack are masters of packaging. We know every tip and trick to keep those costs down. From creative packaging to fragile goods packaging, we can help you undercut your budget and spare you the time and stress of sourcing packaging for your goods.

Ship Savvy with creative packaging

We are skilled in providing lighter packaging with better protection. This helps you benefit from reduced shipping fees thanks to lower weight. We can create packaging solutions that take less space in transit, saving you on both carbon emissions and fuel costs.

On-site stock and materials

Our packaging supplies are kept on-site to save time when it comes to putting your packages together. From tape and applicators to recycled wrapping paper, we have everything you need for end-to-end professional packages.

Stock control management

Quicker lead times and on-site packaging materials means you never need to run out of stock again. Since we hold the stock for you, you can benefit from higher volume prices. Again, this will improve the cash flow through your business.

Lead time management

MorsaPack are packaging specialists that provide a complete, all-in-one solution for your company’s packaging needs. One of these needs is the gap between order placement and stock replenishment. Let our masterful inventory management team take care of lead time so you don’t have to.

Cash-flow improvements

Our on-site stock management system means our clients get their packages quicker. This allows for improved cash flow on your end. If lead time and packing times match, as they do with MorsaPack, you have less gap in trading time. That creates more opportunities to catch those sales.

Timely supply provision

Since all our packaging materials are kept on site, we can distribute it faster to where it is needed most. Our timely supply of your packaging materials means you spend more time focused on the consumer, and less time suffering the stress of a tough packaging job.
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Regular Reports to Keep Packaging Perfect

As well as all the benefits of using MorsaPack outlined above, you can get regular reports on package handling that will put your mind at ease.

Some of the reports our clients rely on for improved packaging supply to their business, include the following.

Bespoke Packaging Reviews

Our bespoke packaging analysis review process lets us ensure both affordability and environmental sustainability. During this process, expert package specialists will examine the following areas for improvements:

  • Package size – which cuts your costs
  • Package weight – which saves on postage
  • Materials used – which boosts environmental accountability
  • Style of Packaging – which ensures a professional finish
  • Sustainability – which ensures our continued provision of expert level packaging products

The MorsaPack team will try to spot any other areas of improvement possible in your packaging process. They will do this with a specific focus on keeping costs down, as opposed to our packaging audit service, which streamlines the pallet packaging process specifically.

Packaging reports for cost saving in Manchester

Reduced Waste and
Environmental Sustainability

MorsaPack are fully committed to using as many environmentally sustainable, recycled packaging supplies as possible. Considering the plastic tax and other government regulations, we are constantly reviewing what we can do to make our packaging materials better for the environment. 

Reducing waste from offcuts is another key area of consistent performance improvement that the MorsaPack managed packaging services team are pleased to attend to. Less waste means a lower carbon footprint, something we can all seek to improve in the coming years. 

To ensure the best chance of sustainability and reduced waste in our Manchester Factory, we regularly review and report back on the processes we use. If there is a way we can.

Carefully Curated Managed Packaging Services Near You

Let our expert team come up with the ideal packing solution for your firm. If there are improvements to be made, savings to be had, or other packaging innovations that can be applied, trust us to provide them for you. 

MorsaPack are your all-in-one packaging provision firm, capable of helping you complete the perfect finish for your products. Follow us on Facebook, find us on Twitter, or call us today to start your first order. Every package is different… But our quality standard stays the same.

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