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Top quality packaging machine maintenance available over different price points.

Here at Morsapack, we pride ourselves on building customer relationships that last. Part of how we do this is to provide our clients with reliable packaging machine deals, at affordable rates. Since we rent packaging machines out, we also must be able to fix them when something goes wrong. This service allows us to cater to all of our client’s packaging machine needs in one business venture.

As such, when you rent your packaging machines from us, we will give you a variety of flexible options to meet your exact needs. Whether that be packaging materials included in your monthly payments or whether that be your packaging machines being tenderly maintained by our skilled technicians, is entirely tailored to you.

From managed packaging services to the streamlining of your entire packaging process, we are here to help.

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MorsaPack: Providing Packaging Solutions Since the Mid-70s

Those that have not heard of our brand yet might be surprised to know that MorsaPack was formerly known as Jemac Packaging. We set out on a mission to provide end-to-end packaging services for Greater Manchester companies more than fifty years ago. Our mission is not over yet and we haven’t let up since.

Specialist packaging services can provide everything you need to ship pallets safely, efficiently, and with minimal damage. We completely understand the high costs involved, both within the shipping process and when goods are spoilt due to bad packaging. We can minimise this damage and waste, thereby saving our clients significant funds that would otherwise be lost in the shipping process.

We have been setting the benchmark in quality standards in the packaging sector of Manchester for more than half a century now and we have no intentions of quitting. That is why hiring our packaging machines and coming to us for machine maintenance will always be a sound investment for your firm.

Why hire a packaging machine for your company?

Packaging machines represent a huge expense if you buy them outright. When you are in the business of providing goods, you do not want to be spending those huge capex costs when you could be renting instead. Renting your machines for packaging will save you potentially thousands, however, it might incur its own costs if your machine is not running smoothly.

To this end, we offer packaging machine maintenance plans, each of which protect you in varying degrees should something go wrong with your packaging equipment. Any businesses which handle large volumes of shipping, should consider packaging machines as essential to their smooth running and for the overall optimal operation of your business. Protecting your investment in this case is a matter of good business sense.

MorsaPack Packaging Machine Maintenance Price Plans

We offer two different price plans for those who wish to buy packaging machine maintenance from us. We offer a gold and a silver rate, with the gold being the premium option. Although we do not currently offer modular pricing, you can always contact us to ask about individual maintenance or repair job prices, should you be in need.

The Silver Package

Our silver package machine maintenance price plan covers you for any routine maintenance that you may need performed on your machine. It can be renewed either annually or bi-annually, which should allow you to factor it into your budget efficiently. It is simple and to-the-point, effective in every way outside of parts and breakdown cover.

The benefits of a silver package for packaging machine maintenance include keeping the costs of your machine running low, allowing optimal programmes for your packaging settings to be maintained, and consistent production by your pallet preparation team. Using this service, you can up your output and slim down on your losses through damage.

Silver package machine maintenance cover:

  • Can be renewed every six months or every year
  • Includes routine maintenance of packaging machines
  • Optimises performance thereby saving you money
  • Get you help in the event of a breakdown
  • … But you will have to pay for the cost of call-outs and parts.
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The Gold Package

Gold package machine maintenance price plans cover you for any routine maintenance and services which may need to be performed on your you are packaging machinery. Unlike the silver package, the gold package includes the costs of parts and breakdown callouts.

Should you choose the gold package for packaging machine maintenance from us, you can expect almost everything to be included in the price. Again, you can choose whether to join this plan annually or bi-annually, and it will keep the costs of running your machine to minimum.

Gold package machine maintenance cover:

  • Can be renewed every 6-months or every year
  • Includes routine maintenance of packaging machines
  • Optimises performance thereby saving you money
  • Includes breakdown callouts and parts costs
  • Gives you a fixed monthly cost for the running of your machines
  • … But excludes consumables, damages, and operator error.

Can’t decide between the two packages?

Between these two packages you should find a price plan which suits you. If, for whatever reason, you are still unsure of the pricing and plan outlines, then feel free to contact us for more information. Our helpful staff are fully trained in handling calls.

Exemplary Packaging Machine Maintenance from MorsaPack

We deal in every aspect of packaging service within our company.  As such we have specialist knowledge in every area of Packaging Solutions. With more than 50 years of experience behind us, we have encountered every type of packaging problem that it is possible to face.  In doing so, we have created a wealth of knowledge which we used to our customers benefits.

When you choose to work with us, you will receive nothing but the utmost care and dedication to your cause. We will go above and beyond the call of duty to provide you with the best possible packaging machine maintenance service. 

Do not forget that you can hire those machines from us, as in pallet inspection service, which should help to further streamline your packaging processes. When effectively use, our company can save your company money… And we will do so wherever we can. 

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