Environmental Audit for Greener Packaging

Ensure your packaging is cleaner, greener, and still high performance, with MorsaPack

The modern business has an environmental responsibility to choose the most sustainable packaging possible. With the current shift in mindset trending towards cleaner packaging materials, taken from sustainable sources, businesses need to keep up with the times if they want to retain consumers.

Here at more MorsaPack, we have devoted an entire team and thousands of hours of training to adapt to this reasonably new need. As a result, we have one of the best Environmental Audit teams in England and Wales. We have been packaging specialists since our parent firm ‘Jemac Packaging’ was established in the 1970s.

There skills and expertise, coupled with our dedicated team of environmental auditors, means that we can perform packaging checks on your pallets. Our combined knowledge allows us to become Environmental Audit leaders in the packaging sector in the Greater Manchester area.

If you need to lower your firm’s carbon footprint, streamline the packaging process, and create environmentally friendly solutions, call us today. Our top tier customer advisors are ready and waiting for your call.

Why You Need a Packaging Audit Service?

When was the last time you truly examined the way your goods are packaged and shipped? The materials that you use to package your goods cost you money. Like every aspect of your business, the packaging process should be routinely examined for cost saving opportunities. When you choose an Environmental Audit from MorsaPack, you are simultaneously shaving cost from the price of your pallets and helping you do your bit for the planet.

Typically, packaging will cost between 1% and 3% of the cost of your product. the closer that number is to 1%, the less it eats into your profits. There is a mistaken belief among businesses that sustainable packaging means greater expense. This is untrue. Often, recycled alternatives cost less from the outset.

Another way that sustainability saves you money is in the reduction of waste. An environmental packaging audit service examines all the areas where you could reduce waste. If your pallets are damaged when they arrive at the borders for export, they may well be turned back by the EU. It is estimated that between 3 and 5% of all UK to EU lorries are turned away, sometimes due to damaged goods.

Pallets that are well wrapped, using sustainable materials, are both less likely to be turned away at the border, and better for the environment.

Analyse packaging performance

The first step of any environmental packaging audit is to analyse how well your packaging performs. Analysing package performance tells the team everything they need to know about how to improve it. This gives them better insight into the pallet life cycle and what your goods are likely to go through in transit.

During this first stage of an Environmental Audit the goal as to familiarise ourselves with the demands you place on your packaging.

And the other steps to your environmental packaging audit…

Calculating environmental impact of your packaging

Once our Environmental Audit team are familiar with the package and pallet life cycle, they can calculate what the environmental impact of those materials may be.

They will examine the suppliers you use for your packaging materials and look for any disparities that can be fixed. Here at MorsaPack, we provide high performance packaging solutions of our own, which may be able to lower your company’s carbon footprint.

There are many factors which make your packaging either more or less environmentally friendly. The top three factors we will examine include the weight of your packages and pallets, which recycled materials you use, and whether your products are recyclable.

Multiple packaging mediums

Next, our professional environmental package audit team will turn their attention towards your packaging mediums. Do you use multiple packaging materials? Are your pallets wrapped in paper or in plastic? How clean is your packaging? They will consider whether multiple packaging mediums can be replaced with environmentally sustainable alternatives.

Possible sustainable package alternatives

There are many sustainable alternatives to plastic wrap out there. we would always suggest switching to unbleached, recycled paper as a first step. Eco-packaging is a growing business and while it currently focuses on recycled materials, several new biodegradable and compostable materials are being developed.

Other organic alternatives such as hemp paper may also offer sustainable packaging alternatives.

Creating a plan for improvement

Once ever expertly trained environmental package auditing team have examined the way you do things, they will start to create a plan for improvement. They do this through multiple means but will start by suggesting viable sustainable alternatives to any non-recycled packaging materials that you may use.

A strategy to improve your company’s environmental impact through wastage will be drawn up. This usually starts from both the materials used to package pallets, and adapting the wrapping pattern used by your packaging machines. Having machines on the correct settings can save a fortune in wastage alone.

Your individually tailored plan for environmentally greener packaging might include other solutions such as condensing the size of your pallets, shaving weight off each shipment, or switching to fully recyclable package materials.

Implementing environmental packaging audit Ideas

The final stage of your Environmental Audit is for you to implement the new packaging ideas which have been highlighted. When our trusted team draw up a strategy of sustainable package alternatives for you, they will also source these alternatives, or make recommendations as to how you could switch.

Your audit is only finished when our team guides you smoothly through the process of implementing the environmental packaging audit ideas. You will find your company with a lower carbon footprint, less wastage, and a larger profit margin having saved on the costs of packaging.

MorsaPack: Champions of sustainable packaging

With more than half a century of packaging expertise behind us, the MorsaPack family have jumped on the sustainability bandwagon in a big way. We care about our planet and if there is a way to save our client’s money while also saving the planet, then we are committed to finding it.

Contact us today to find out have you can do your part.

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