Why the rebrand? Introducing MorsaPack:

MorsaPack’s Managing Director, Robert McEwan, introduces the thinking behind our new brand in this short video interview (filmed in 2020).

The name MorsaPack comes from a specialist product Robert and the team have developed, MorsaWrap. Morsa is Italian for grip, reflecting the business’s focus on solutions ensuring excellent strength and holding forces.

Alternatively, you can read over the key points from this video below:

Now Robert there’s change afoot isn’t there?  There’s a bit of a rebrand going on so I’ve heard?

Yes.  So this probably started about three years ago.  We were looking for a product brand for a range of products that we had and we’d been using other people’s brands and selling other people’s brands in the past but never found one that really resonated with what our view was at the time.

So we had a range of products and it was a pallet wrapping film product that had specific characteristics which made it stronger than what was available on the market at the time.  One of the benefits of it was that the traditional way of wrapping a pallet, if you used a 20 µm film we were able to use a 15 µm or a 17 µm and be able to get the same security and safety in it.  And so we were looking for a brand that represented this and we came up with the name of MorsaWrap and morsa is Italian for grip, and that’s all there is to the story.”

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