Who is Robert McEwan
Who is Robert McEwan?

A small overview of some of the questions and the answers in the video above!

What do you want to do in Jemac moving forwards?

“At the beginning of this year I purchased the business off my father.  I have some very specific beliefs in relation to packaging and what customers should use it for and how it should be operating for customers.  And so it’s changing the way the business has operated from a general material supplier to having a very focused approach to how packaging can enhance everybody’s product and everybody’s lives.”

Can you tell us a little bit about those beliefs that you mentioned about packaging and your kind of standards within the industry and maybe any of your pet hates that you might have as well?

“Slightly controversial this! I’m not totally against plastic.  I’m totally against plastic being used irresponsibly.  There’s a big push at the moment for a circular economy in relation to packaging and that’s making sure that the majority of the packaging or if all the packaging can go back and be reused and that’s just not happening in plastics.  It does have 100% recyclable characteristics if it’s used correctly.”

 It sounds like quite a big question next but can you explain what is your why in terms of the business and going forwards?

“Every day I see examples of packaging that is not done right.  The balance that is needed between packaging from an environmental aspect and the packaging from the job that packaging is meant to do is often missed.  

That’s my passion, is packaging has a function, whether it’s marketing, whether it’s safety, security, whether it’s just to protect the products from getting wet.  Packaging has many functions that it’s meant to achieve and understanding that and how the materials and the packaging products work with it to achieve what needs to be achieved, that’s what gets me excited every day.”

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