MorsaPack celebrates 50 years in business

November 2021

MorsaPack marks an exciting milestone this month – celebrating our 50th birthday.

We’ve been marking the occasion with our team in recent weeks and now wanted to share our news and celebrations with you:

Our journey

Our business has grown steadily over the years, going from modest beginnings as our founder worked solo in his garage, to now comprising a team of 15 working from a 14,000sq ft facility.

Founder Ted McEwan started the business back in the 1960s, working from his garage after investing in machinery to become a contract packer. After a strong start Mr McEwan Snr established Jemac Packaging to supply packaging machines and materials. Soon his sons, Robert and Craig, joined the business, with Robert taking the reins in 2019.

Today MorsaPack is a team of 12 – the majority of whom have been with us well over 10-15 years. Together, eight of our team have a combined 163 years’ experience in our industry.

L-R Anita, Fiona, Melanie, Sarah, Laura, Robert, Ted, Raff, Paul, Danny, Simon, Craig

Now, to mark our birthday, our Worsley-based offices and facilities about to undergo an ambitious renovation to suit our recent rebrand.

The rebrand to MorsaPack was launched earlier this year, demonstrating our growth and expertise in packaging products. MorsaPack echoes the names of the new products and services we have developed in recent years, named using Morsa – Italian for strength and grip. Most notable of these is MorsaWrap, our own-brand pallet wrap system able to stretch up to 400% and saving up to 70% in film weight.

Mr McEwan added: “We’ve witnessed much change in our 50 years, not least the push for more environmentally-friendly packaging solutions and, more recently, the growth of e-commerce and changes in the export of goods. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to quality, finding or developing new solutions, and delivering great customer service.

“What we’ve developed is a deep understanding of the synergies between machines, materials and the products being packed, allowing us to deliver the right solutions for our customers. Most importantly we’ve learned how to strike that balance between supplying packaging solutions that fully protect products while being prudent from an environmental point of view.

“Like many businesses, 2020 presented us with both challenges and triumphs. While some order books become obsolete due to the pandemic, other customers were booming – we were particularly pleased to be able to support our customers supplying essential items for frontline workers, ensuring they were able to deliver these vital goods safely.

“We’re taking all that is good and all that’s been learned into our next 50 years of business.”

Our celebrations

We’ve been focussed on both thanking our team for their commitment and extending our generosity to the world around us.

We’ve planted 100 trees in the UK through the National Trust. And we’ll be planting extra trees in the names of our clients, for anyone who place orders (over £500+VAT) with us throughout November and December.

Closer to home, we held a party for our team back in September and launched our updated staff benefits package, including wage increases for all and giving everyone at least five extra holiday days per year.

Managing Director Robert McEwan said: “We pride ourselves on our loyal workforce – we wouldn’t be where we are today without them so it’s right that we reward and recognise that. We want to ensure our team enjoy a positive work/life balance and world-class benefits – happy staff make happy customers. I’m sure our customers well know the approachability and expertise each of them brings to their role.”

Speak to our team today about how we can share our experience and expertise to benefit your business.

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