Packaging Trends
What should pallet stability testing be?

Pallet stability has become a buzz word within transport and packaging fields, because of drives to improve safety on our roads, reduce damage to products during transit, and for companies to be more responsible.

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How to improve the effectiveness of your packaging products

How reviewing your materials, application methods, and regularity of operations can improve the effectiveness of your packaging products.

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Low touch economy
What is the ‘low touch economy’ and how is it influencing packaging processes?

Limited contact between people has continued long after lockdowns; not least in workplaces, where it’s made operations more efficient. The low touch economy was supported by, and also influenced, packaging processes.

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Supply chain challenges impacting packaging – Summer 2022

The challenges facing supply chains globally are impacting all sectors, including packaging. We look at the products most effected and how to overcome shortages:

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Nano technology – How can nano technology benefit transport & logistics companies?
How nanotechnology is improving packaging products

The use of molecular science is creating strong and durable stretch wrap films to offer stable pallets at lower weights

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New ‘plastic tax’ introduced – Spring 2022

Looking at the new Plastic Packaging Tax and how it will effect businesses’ packaging solutions and environmental commitments

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Plastic Packaging Tax webinar recording – Winter 2021

As businesses prepared for the introduction of a new Plastic Packaging Tax, our webinar, delivered with Comply Direct, looked at what the changes mean for businesses and the environment

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Is your packaging fit for purpose? Or could it be costing you?

Packaging is often multi-purpose – primarily it protects goods, but often it promotes a brand too.

In this ‘viewpoint’ piece, we look at how good intentions can compromise both the protection and promotion products offer, if not carefully considered.

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How packaging can enhance customer experience to help high street retailers

Adding a little luxury to packaging can help to bring shoppers back to high streets as e-commerce booms

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