Morsapack packaging company based in Manchester
Why the company rebrand we hear you ask?

Back in March 2020, Ted McEwan, previous founder of Jemac Packaging went into retirement. His two sons Robert and Craig took the reins of the business they have been working at since they left school.

Now, the first major change to the business has been announced: We have rebranded to MorsaPack Limited!

Why the rebrand video, a further explanation.

“Morsa” is Italian for grip or vice. Our philosophy is, packaging should be designed so that it encompasses all aspects of your product from your door to the end user.

Whether it is to enhance the security of your product, to ensure that it gets to your customer in pristine condition with the least effect on the environment even at the lowest cost. What about to enhance the usability of your product through marketing?

Whatever you need for your packaging to do, MorsaPack Limited’s way of doing business will give you a competitive advantage for the future.

Check out our new meet the team profiles:

Things that you should know:

  • The company number and VAT number haven’t changed.
  • The company address, phone numbers and bank accounts remain the same.
  • Our email addresses have changed- See below for more information
  • Our new website has arrived!! A more user friendly version is here, with the option to buy our full range online which is coming very soon. Sign up to be notified when this is up and running.

Whilst for a little time our current e-mail addresses will receive e- mails our new e-mail address will be

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