Low touch economy
Low touch economy, what does it mean for your packaging?

We’ve seen a lot of changes in the year 2020 with COVID-19. We have had to adapt continuously to the latest government rules and recommendations, whether it be in our social life or work environment. 

As we are all aware, the way we live today has changed these covid-related guidelines. We’re now living in the Low Touch Economy, characterised by low-touch interactions, health and safety measures and new human behaviors. What does this mean for your company and its packaging, though?

The significance of packaging for eCommerce 

Consumer behavior has changed due to COVID-19, resulting in a new Low Touch Economy. People are avoiding supermarkets, local shops and restaurants, causing an exponential increase in e-commerce demand. In reality, 68 percent of surveyed consumers say that COVID-19 raised their expectations of the digital capabilities of companies.

Businesses around the world need to have an effective strategy in place to streamline their online service, with the majority of purchases now being placed online. 

But you have to consider the offline element to keep customers happy and your business running smoothly, too. Packaging plays a key role in how your company is perceived and how likely clients are to give others a return and/or recommendation.

A secure packaging solution is a must to ensure the recent increase in online orders is met by your company. Our wide range of packaging products are constantly stocked to ensure that you have the ammunition you need for your customers to deliver. Our solutions can be customized to the requirements of your product, offer superior protection, and arrive on time. Contact us today if you are looking for an experienced packaging supplier to help your business thrive during COVID-19.

Encourage low-touch interactions with packaging machinery

Successful businesses will change their processes during the Low Touch Economy to work with the health initiatives that COVID-19 offers. In order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, this may involve reducing physical encounters between workers and customers.

Although this point applies specifically to physical distancing, the use of automated equipment to provide a more hygienic packaging process can help minimize handling. To minimize the amount of interactions between humans and packaging items, automated pallet wrappers, taping devices, and strapping machines can be used effectively. In addition to helping your company remain consistent with this Low Contact Economy, machinery will improve operating productivity and help reduce costs across your packaging line.

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