Drum clips – the safest way to ensure pallet stability when transporting drums
Learn more about the drum clip, a globally certified Dutch innovation helping businesses to safely transport drums 

Drum clips are a unique innovation allowing businesses to safely transport, store or ship drums on pallets. 

Drum clips ensure products are held stably on pallets, whether by holding drums securely side-to-side, or by allowing strapping to be attached and tightened on. 

Drum clips can be affixed to steel and plastic drums, allowing a wide variety of products – from household cleaning products to hazardous substances – to be safely transported. 

The drum clip has been specially designed by manufacturers in the Netherlands and is certified to global safety standards. 

What are drum clips?  

Drum clips are used to secure drums to pallets ready to be transported via trailer or container.  

They are a certified product, supporting pallet stability.  

How do drum clips work?  

Drum clips affix to two drums being held side-by-side. Used in conjunction with PET strapping, drum clips are placed over the rim of two drums, allowing strapping to be securely affixed to hold drums in tension atop a pallet or trailer. 

If a pallet is to be loaded onto a vehicle, the drum clip can also be used to secure it to the trailer using ratchet strapping. The use of anti-slip mats is typically advised too. 

Are drum clips safe to use? 

Yes. Drum clips are certified globally, meeting EUMOS 40509 standards, ISTA certification, and TUV Rheinland testing standards. They have been tested on safety and functioning, as well as on pallet stability. 

Learn more about their certification here

What are the benefits of using a drum clip? 

Primarily, drum clips improve the safety and stability of loads. As a certified product, they allow users to load and transport drums with peace of mind about their pallet stability and security of the packaged products. 

Weighing just 100gr each, drum clips add minimal extra to overall transportation weight. They also take up less space than alternative packaging methods, such as wrapping, and require less labour or force for application. 

A drum clip is also reusable, safe for use for at least a number of years, with proper use. 

Are there different sizes and strengths for drum clips 

There are two drum clip types available, suitable across a variety of drum types, including plastic drums, open head drums and tight head drums. Drum clips are usable at ambient temperatures from -10c up to 50c. 

Each type of drum clip weighs just 100gr, adding negligible weight to loads but significant strength through improved holding forces. 

What types of businesses/sectors benefit from drum clips? 

Drum clips are being used by a range of industries for the safe transportation of liquids, gases, pellets and other materials typically shipped using drums. They improve the pallet stability of products for the chemicals industry and across the food, agriculture and FMCG sectors, as well as for goods such as inks or cleaning products. 

How do I use a drum clip? 

A drum clip affixes to the top rim of a drum – whether lidded or sealed – before being strapped onto pallets. They are easily affixed, and removed, by warehousing or transport operatives or can be affixed and secured using an automatic loading line.

A Drumclip Automatic Strapping Line is a fully automated solution to affix drumclips to rims and apply strapping both vertically and horizontally to pallets loaded 2×2 onto pallets. This offers a quicker, safer and more efficient way of securing drums to pallets in busy operational facilities. For businesses handling hazardous materials, an automatic solution supports enhanced safety measures too.

For the specific application of drum clips to your loads, including assuring that pallets are then certified as safe for transportation, MorsaPack can advise you further.  

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