Can two people wrap a pallet the same way by hand?

The answer is that it is almost impossible.

How do we know?

Well we checked….

We are the only owner in the UK, of a piece of technology that can check the holding or containment forces applied to a pallet, both accurately and without human interference. It consists of a frame that runs up the corner of the pallet, to which we hang pressure scales. These scales are then all connected to a unit which transmits the information by Bluetooth to a clever program on my laptop.

This measures the containment force or pressure applied by the film at any point from the base to the top of the pallet.

Now we made it as easy as can be, we asked 3 people to wrap a band of film for a total of 5 revolutions round the pallet and we measure the containment force applied. We then cut the film off and weighed it to see how economically we had wrapped the pallet.

We all used the same roll of film and we got 3 very different answers ranging from 9.5 Kg of containment force to 20.4 Kg and weights from 76g of film to 154g.

You might say, what does this mean? Why should I be concerned?

It means that no two people can wrap a pallet by hand the same and also no person can wrap two pallets the same.

Or can they?

Find out soon when Jemac launch the new range of hand pallet wrapping films and equipment coming soon.

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