ARCHIVE – Offer: Every £1,000 spent at MorsaPack will help the environment

Published January 2022

Part of our 50th anniversary celebrations focused on what we do to help the environment. Whilst we promote good environmental policies in packaging by working with our customers to ensure they use the right amount of the best type of packaging, MorsaPack always look for ways that they can help to create a better world.

On our 50th anniversary, MorsaPack planted 100 trees in the UK through the National Trust. Then instead of giving out Christmas gifts to our customers we planted a further 100 trees. Now our offer for January and February 2022 will see more trees planted but this time in our customers name.

What our offer is for January and February 2022

During the months of January and February 2022, MorsaPack will plant a tree for every £1,000 plus VAT you spend with us in each month. These trees will be planted in your company name and a certificate issued to say that this has been done.

Get in touch with our team, to ensure that you make the most of this offer, and help us do our bit with packaging intelligently applied helping more to save the earth.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Trees will be planted by donating to National Trust – Plant a tree campaign
  2. A minimum spend of £1,000 in a month to qualify for 1 tree, for example, £950 spend in January and £950 in February will not qualify. Also if you spend £450 in January and £1,100 in February this will qualify for 1 tree on the February spend alone.
  3. A tree will be planted for every full £1,000 plus VAT spent in a month, for example spend £2,100 in a month and 2 trees will be planted.
  4. No cash alternative available.
  5. MorsaPack retain the right to withdraw this at any time.
  6. The trees will be planted once the invoices for that month have been paid in full.

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