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How MorsaPack reduced costs and prevented downtime for a domestic fixtures supplier

Finding the right pallet wrapping machinery is key to productivity, reliability, and cost efficiency in high volume packaging operations


  • £11,285 annual saving 
  • 38% cost reduction
  • 42% weight reduction


The client supplies bathroom and plumbing fixtures to tradespeople, distributing high volumes of varied sized, awkward shaped, and heavy loads on pallets.


The client’s team needed to wrap up to 550 pallets each week but had been experiencing downtime in their packaging facility due to outdated machinery.

Their old process required 22 wraps (machine revolutions) of 8µm film, adding 310g of film weight to each pallet and costing £1.06 per pallet. 


The client was a long-standing contact who we had built up trust with over the years. We visited their facility to understand their product types, typical packaging processes, and wider cost and project requirements.

We offered three potential solutions, all of which would create cost savings:

  1. Repair the existing machinery and replace old film with MorsaPack W5 film 

While this solution would have created a 16% reduction in cost per pallet wrapped and a 17% reduction in film required it could not guarantee the lifespan of the existing machinery.

  • 2. Replace the existing machinery with a new MorsaPack M1 machine and use MorsaPack W5 film

This solution would have also created a 16% reduction in cost per pallet wrapped and a 17% reduction in film required, creating a £4,859.79 annual saving on film, while also offering assurances around the lifespan of the new machinery.

  • 3. Replace the existing machinery with a new MorsaPack M3 machine and use MorsaPack W9 film

This solution created the above 38% and 42% cost and weight reductions, respectively, while also offering assurances around the longevity and productivity of the new machinery. While this required an initial investment in the region of £8,000, we were able to demonstrate that the savings created would cover the costs of the machinery within 38 weeks of implementation, while still creating the c.£11,000 annual saving on film.

Additionally, implementing either of our W5 or W9 films would require only 11 wraps of film, compared to 22 wraps previously. This reduction in wraps/machine revolutions meant we were able to halve the time needed to wrap each pallet.

The client opted for Option 3.

Results from new pallet wrapping machinery and wrap films installed and implemented by MorsaPack

  • £11,285 annual saving on film costs
  • 38% cost reduction, per pallet wrapped – costing just £0.66 per pallet compared to £1.06 previously
  • 42% weight reduction, in film required per wrap – requiring 180g of wrap compared to 310g previously
  • Breakeven on investment in new machinery achieved within 38 weeks of use
  • Time required to wrap each pallet halved

Client feedback:

“I have worked with Sarah at MorsaPack for over 20 years now so trust her judgement and expertise. I didn’t want to go anywhere else for my packaging machinery and the three options MorsaPack drew up made this possible. They made it so I could clearly demonstrate to my team the many benefits of investing in new kit.

“We’ve been able to install the latest technology at the same time cutting down on our packaging spend, which is the main thing overall, I’m pleased we’ve also got a solution that cuts down our pallet film weights, so we’re also doing our bit for the environment.

“The whole process from start to finish has been fully explained with detailed reports, I’m confident I’m with a packaging company who understands our full operation and would recommend them to any organisation.” – Warehouse & Logistics Manager

MorsaPack’s products:

W9 film

W9 is a superior film utilising nanotechnology and offering high stretch capacity, up to 600%. This delivers high puncture resistance and high holding forces from a thinner film, making it ideal for the loads being palletised by the client, which are typically awkward shaped, heavy, and fragile.

M3 machinery

M range machines are compact, user-friendly and cost-effective. M3 uses a pre-stretch system as standard, utilising the stretch capacity of the W9 film. It offers six standard operating cycles, including one customisable cycle, and utilises an open turntable and intuitive pallet height sensor as standard to manage varied shaped and sized loads.

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