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How MorsaPack improved productivity and reliability from pallet wrap machinery

Pallet wrap machines can increase productivity, improve product security, and lower packaging costs by precisely and consistently dispensing film to secure goods to pallets.

We supplied this client with two new machines free-of-charge and advised on the use of optimum stretch wrap films, purchased on an ongoing basis, to improve process efficiency and match previous packaging costs overall.

About the client

The client manufactures and distributes home essentials for cooking, cleaning, pet care, and personal care, owning a number of household name brands. It palletises high volumes of products of different shapes, sizes and weights to be distributed to suppliers and retailers around the UK. It was operating 12 packaging machines across its 400,000sqft facility – including 10 machines supplied by MorsaPack since 2009.


The client was experiencing downtime, impacting its productivity, after two of its pallet wrap machines failed and the costs of repairing this machinery were beyond its annual packaging budget. They were keen to replace the two defunct machines and understand how to prevent further downtime.


Finding the right machinery or equipment is essential to precisely and consistently dispense the right volume and pattern of film to ensure pallet stability. It can also support increased productivity, improved product security, and lower packaging costs overall.


We revisited the client to review how its existing MorsaPack machinery was performing and ensure we had up-to-date information on its product types, throughput, and process requirements. With an understanding of their ongoing, high packaging requirements but budget constraints, we developed a bespoke package:

  • Two new machines supplied – at no cost, with ongoing maintenance included
  • Ongoing pallet wrap film supply – at minimum supply levels, suited to the client’s needs 
  • Ongoing, expert servicing implemented – covering parts, maintenance, and breakdowns

Results from MorsaPack’s packaging machinery solution

  • Overall cost (for machinery and film) matched to just the film costs from previous machine and film supplier
  • Downtime halted and risk of future downtime reduced

Our approach

Often businesses can be put off by the initial investment required to purchase packaging machinery. At MorsaPack, we focus on the cost per pallet wrapped in the long-term, alongside the need to ensure pallet stability and product security.

For example, spending an extra £1,500 on machinery could allow for the use of pallet wrap that saves £0.10 per pallet wrapped. For a business wrapping 10,000 pallets per year, the machine cost would be recouped within 18 months, on equipment with a typical lifespan of at least 10 years. With regular servicing and maintenance, overall savings of more than £12,000 can be gained – with MorsaPack’s other machinery having already lasted at least 14 years, the client was assured of long-term value.

We found that the enhanced performance of our W9 range of films, 12 micron, could offer the same pallet stability the client required, at a lower cost per pallet wrapped, without compromising product security or increasing pallet weights.

Client feedback

Facilities Manager said: “We had no thoughts of getting new machines from anyone else as the machines [we already had from MorsaPack] had been so reliable for the past 15 years. MorsaPack first ensured our pallets were as safe as they have always been and then proved we could reduce the amount of film we applied. The fact we received two machines at no extra cost to our business made this a very easy decision to make. Also, dealing with their team was so easy.”

MorsaPack’s view

Robert McEwan, Managing Director of MorsaPack Ltd, said: “The client had a dilemma around limited budget to purchase new machinery, but ongoing downtime from two defunct machines. We offered a packaging solution with no additional operational costs and no capital cost. They were understanding of where their real costs were coming from and receptive to our offer to remove those costs with a better solution.”

How we can reduce your packaging costs with improved machinery and pallet wrap solutions

Machinery programmed to your exact requirements and dispending the right volume and tension of film suited to your products will ensure safe, secure pallet loads. This can grant greater efficiencies in high volume packaging operations and achieve long-term cost savings.

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