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How MorsaPack ensured pallet stability for an industrial upholstery supplier

Identifying the optimum film for pallet stability helped our client in the textiles sector to lower packaging costs and pallet weights.

Client: The client, an industrial upholstery supplier, ships goods globally, supplying textiles to the furniture, construction and automotive sectors. Pallet stability is critical for ensuring worker safety and resource efficiency across its supply chain as products are moved between wagons and shipping containers.

Context: Finding the right pallet wrap film is essential for pallet stability. It can also help to cut down on packaging and transportation costs, by reducing overall shipment weights and packaging volumes to create cost savings.

Results from pallet stability testing conducted by MorsaPack

  • 62% weight reduction, per pallet – requiring just 700g of wrap per pallet, compared to 1.85kg previously
  • 51% cost reduction, per pallet – costing just £2.20 per pallet, compared to £4.55 previously
  • c.£26,000 representative annual saving

Client challenge: Unstable pallets – causing hazards and higher costs

The client had had a number of pallets topple over during transit after applying a new wrap film. The new film required at least 1.85kg of product per pallet, but still did not deliver the required holding forces, leading to unstable pallets. The client quickly realised that focussing on price per kilo of film had been a mistake and sought our support.

MorsaPack’s approach: We visited the client’s facilities to run trials, reviewing the existing film and our proposed film to determine what holding force and load weight each delivers.

Testing was delivered working to EUMOS protocols, measuring the containment forces achieved by each pallet wrap film.

EUMOS 40509 – This global standard sets out protocols to follow to ensure the rigidity and stability of loads for transportation. EUMOS (the European Safe Logistics Association) set out this standard to support safety across the logistics sector by reducing the risk of pallets becoming dislodged during transit.

MorsaPack’s packaging solution:

  • W1 film – ensuring stable, cost-efficient and reliable pallets

Using our W1 pallet wrap film we were able to deliver a holding force higher than the required measure, while applying just 700g of film per pallet – achieving a 62% reduction in packaging weight. While this film cost marginally more per kilo, the reduction in volume required delivered an overall 51% wrap cost reduction – costing just £2.20 to wrap one pallet, compared to £4.55 previously.

On seeing the results, the client committed to using our film. We then supplied their teams with all relevant information to share with its supply chain, to ensure they understood their responsibilities in safely handling and moving the goods.

W1 film – W1 is a cost-effective, reliable pallet wrap film. It offers good puncture and tear resistance and requires less energy for application than equivalent products. It is made using 100% virgin materials so best suited to low volume usage, to avoid the Plastic Packaging Tax requirements.

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