Industry news: Plastic packaging tax set to be introduced

Published February 2021

A new 30% plastic tax is coming into play in the near future. Find out what we’re doing about it, and how it’s going to affect you.

What’s this all about?…

From April 2022 a Plastic Packaging Tax will apply to all plastic packaging being either manufactured or imported into the UK containing less than 30% recycled plastic the government has announced.

This tax will be charged at a rate of £200 per tonne where less than 30% recycled plastic is used in packaging.

Is it going to affect me?

Well, the rules and regulations are yet to be fully disclosed. However, we do know that businesses that import or manufacture less than 10 tonnes of plastic packaging over the period of 12 months will not have to play the tax.

Our commitment to you…

Whilst all of this is going on we have been working behind the scenes to come up with some great new product revelations, to help ease this looming tax date.

We’re working tirelessly to ensure we have everything in place for the deadline, April 2022. We will ensure we keep our customers up to date with the very latest news and product developments.

Even more information we have sourced…

The UK Chancellor has said: “The government is committed to improving waste management, boosting recycling and reducing plastic pollution. Following consultation in spring 2019, the government will introduce a new Plastic Packaging Tax from April 2022 to incentivise the use of recycled plastic in packaging and help tackle the scourge of plastic in the natural environment.”

Sunak also added that an additional £700,000 will be used to establish the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme, which will encourage producers to make packaging more recyclable and reduce unnecessary packaging.

To find out more information on the .GOV website, please click the link:

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