Yes, correct, we can supply bespoke pallet wrap machines

Recently we have installed this unique pallet wrapping machine at the request from a customer that was struggling to find a supplier to meet their demands.

The customer, who is a manufacture of personal hygiene products, had installed a mezzanine floor to help boost their production area and quickly found their current pallet wrapping machine wouldn’t fit under it!

They needed a new machine, with a low mast height and needed it quickly to ensure that it wouldn’t delay or halt their operations.

So with that being said and the go ahead from our customer, we modified our M1 pallet wrapping machine which is usually 2.8m (mast height) with the wrapping capacity of up to 2.5m. By taking into consideration the new location of the machine and ensuring that getting the machine in place was possible we changed the M1 pallet machine to the new dimensions of a 2.35m mast height and the wrap ability of up to 2.1m… the cherry on top of this cake was it was delivered to our customer within 4 weeks. Ensuring their production processes weren’t affected.

Oh, and by the way the customer reduced their wrapping costs by 50% in the process!

No matter what ‘obstacles’ businesses face, we always figure out a way to make sure you will benefit in more ways than one. Don’t just take our word for it, get in touch today and see how we can reshape your operation and save you huge costs.

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