MorsaPack at ChemUK 2022 Exhibition

Reflections on ChemUK 2022

Published May 2022

We enjoyed a positive first day at the ChemUK exhibition in Birmingham’s NEC. We have had many interesting conversations with companies about the challenges the chemical industry faces in ensuring their products arrive with the customer safely.

We talked with businesses dealing with hazardous chemicals and chemicals or hazardous substances that cost tens of thousands of pounds per barrel. A conversation that came up again and again was around the challenges on packaging for chemicals for transportation – particularly on how to balance the need for pallets to be safe without costing the earth in using too much packaging.

We discussed: pallet wrapping machines that can use the film to create a rope to ensure barrels are secured to the pallet; pallet wrap films and how to ensure they balance safety of the product without using too much film; strapping materials and how to know you are using the right product for the pallet; and also how drumclips will help not only with the strapping of the pallet but making sure it is secured to the truck for safe transportation.

We also talked about pallet stability testing and EUMOS protocols – these ensure businesses understand how their packaging works so they can specify to their supply chain how to look after products to ensure their safety while being transported.

If you are in the Chemical Industry and have challenges with packing of drums and bagged products please get in touch for a packaging review or pallet stability audit. We will improve your pallet stability and reduce your risk of issues with product damage.

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